Saturday, 21 February 2009

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Saturday's we had a Family Day Out

Picnic packed - (Including home made cookies - I had a quick Kenwood workout whilst Little Miss was at her Saturday morning dancing lesson)

And off we went....

To the Yorkshire Sculpture Park - Wakefield

Where Old....

Sits with New....

And you get to see huge people 'dancing', said Little Miss

And little man spotted more 'people' in amongst the trees.

Its a huge open space to discover, and we only covered a small section....

A huge sculpture by Igor Mitoraj was met with awe....

Discoveries were made....

And tiny treasures found....

Inside the beautiful Camellia House (this is place is romantic, shabby chic at its best....)

The Beautiful Victorian iron work sits in harmony with modern installations....

A huge sculptures by the artist Sophie Ryder caused great mirth - I think that bunny has eaten one too many Easter eggs....

Whilst other pieces by Ryder, made you feel like you had been transported to Narnia....

Even the bare trees have an air of mystery & excitement about them....

We wander through the paths and discover a house in the trees....

And Little Miss finds the door, at the bottom of the trunk. She is utterly convinced that she has seen a glimpse of red, and that it must be Pooh Bear - and that this is his house. I virtually had to gag the 8 year old with his scarf to stop him from spoiling it for her....

A miniature old ruin becomes a Castle, or an Inn for baby Jesus (depending on which child you are)....

This sooo looks like me at the end of a busy day....

We really didn't have enough time to explore all that the park had to offer. There are further works by Henry Moore, and other sculptors set in acres of land, plus an indoor Gallery.

This place is a treasure, funded by the public, whose names are set in the path as you walk into the visitor centre - It was free to go in, and just £4.00 to park for the whole day.

We will definitely have to go back again and see the rest of the park.

....And I did manage to squeeze in 10 minutes in the Very Tasteful (but Very Expensive) gift shop.

I left with some fab bow & ties for wrapping - which has 'its the thought that counts' printed on it, also a bunny made in Liberty Fabric for a friend whose little baby is called Liberty, and an small Orla Keily note pad (because the rest of her stuff was v. expensive)

It was a lovely day, all round....

Love Lydia xx


  1. and it looks very lovely. You've made me want to go on a picnic now! Actually, Little Lady and I were just discussing having a tea party for tea tomorrow night. We're going to make some Fifi & the flowertots cakes in the morning to have for tea. ... assuming they last that long!

    enjoy your Sunday evening

    Sadie x

  2. what a lovely day out - it was quite bright here in Cheshire all weekend and seems Yorkshire was the same , almost spring like :-)
    must put it on the list for future days out
    my 2 would eat picnic food every day if i would do it.
    love orla kiely stuff but tis expensive :-(
    hope sunday was good as well !
    Lesley x

  3. What a fantastic day you had!! Food looked scrummy, and the sun shone,and only £4 for the day, what more do you need??!!
    Like your buys, that Bunny is gorgeous!!

    Have a lovely week : )

    Sharon xx

  4. What a lovely day, looks like a great place.
    I now feel like going for a picnic, might have to make one up for Jack and myself on the next nice day and toddle off down to the sea front. I think J will be happy to have one in the garden though (he's easily pleased).
    Gorgeous bunny!
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  5. That day out looks great, I love the little houses and things. HOW cute is Little Miss thinking she saw Winnie the Pooh? Awww, bet you wanted to squish her! That Liberty bunny is gorgeous. I love that name too, it was definitely on my list of girls names.

    Mel xxx