Thursday, 12 February 2009

Who Am I? Part One

Who am I?

I am Lydia, and Monday to Thursday I am a Nurse.

I have been in nursing since I was 19, and whilst thinking about this blog, I realised that in a couple of years, I will have been a nurse for longer that I have not been a nurse.

There's a thought....

I haven't always wanted to be a nurse - Oh no, I wanted to go to Uni and study ceramics. However it didn't take long to realise that pots don't equal pounds, unless you are fantastically gifted (and I'm not)

People always told me I'd make a good nurse, and after watching a few hospital drama's (Casualty, Angels, Dr Kildiare) I thought what a good idea - drama, action, handsome doctors!

How they expand the truth....

Nursing has made such an impact on my life, I met G through work, my closest, dearest friends are all nurses, and my 3 immediate neighbours are all nurses. From student training, to the wards and finally the unit, I have made friendship's that have lasted the tests of time.

Well after a long hard slog, years on the general wards, I am here working on a Chemotherapy unit. It's a place that at the start of my nursing, I never would have thought that I'd have wanted to be, yet is the place and position that over the past few years I have worked so hard to get to - how life and growing has changed me.

It's a job that can be stressful, and sometimes heartbreaking, but usually its a job of laughter & hope.

Would you like to have a peek at me as a nurse??

My uniform - so proud to be in navy, to help set high standards, and lead by example. I am fortunate to work with lovely fellow nurses, who are really committed.

After years in solitary confinement (I worked in trousers and tunics on the wards) my buckle is back in use. Solid Silver, it was bought by my M&D for qualifying - oh the hours that went into choosing it, and I am still to this day, convinced that it is the loveliest buckle ever. My mum was so proud, sewing it onto the webbing belt...

(Somewhat more webbing was required this time round, courtesy of the babies....)

A variety of pens, all have their own uses, and are required every day. Notebooks - I am a habitual note writer at work...

My original student nurse scissors, and my tourniquet (it's got special Lydia mo-jo)- we are all a truly superstitious bunch on the unit & only ever use our own....

My bleep - so my matron can keep track of me - It reaches my home, and leaves me in a moral quandary if I forget to switch it off, and it bleeps on my day off....

Yes I do ring in the hospital & answer it, just in case its really important (which it never is....)

Finally L'Occitane hand cream - for after all that hand washing, and lippy just in case Dr Mc Dreamy does appear o the unit (You need to watch Greys anatomy & then you'll understand!)

All packed away until Monday, and how exciting, tomorrow is Friday-my -Day!

Love Lydia xx


  1. I am utterly addicted to that L'occitane handcream!

    I have always loved nurses' belts! So fancy.

  2. sigh,,,,, mcdreamy.............. lurve greys anatomy just lurve it :-)
    you should rightly be proud of your job and what you do for people the world would be a whole lot better if people had the attitude where they wanted to help people rather than just be out for themselves so hats off to you for doing what must be a very hard and stressful job at times but obviously very rewarding also..... I worked in child protection until recently and it was the hardest but the most satisfying job i have ever and will ever do, i think!! oh and raffia is so "now" even if its just me and you that do it LOL
    Lesley x

  3. Just found you through Lesley, will definately be popping back.
    You have my total admiration, you're doing a wonderful job and bringing up a family. You deserve a medal.
    I bet you don't have a mcdreamy in your hospital though do you, real life just isn't like that.
    Like Lesley, i'm a huge Greys Anatomy fan.
    Love the rafia, guess what i'll be doing with my next lot of flowers.
    Take care

    p.s enjoy your me day tomorrow x

  4. An honorable career and life. Looks like "they" were right, you do make a good nurse. You are the kind every sick patient hopes to find inside hospital doors. Wishing you well on your day off! Liz

  5. lovely post Lydia. Nice to meet more of you! :O)

    have a lovely weekend and Happy Valentine's Day

    Sadie x