Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Its too Quiet

My house is too quiet tonight.

Its half term, and Little Miss is not at her chair colouring, sticking, drawing, doing.

The Dinosaurs are quiet - not a roar to be heard

And there are no gravity defying creations being built....

Its half term, and I am working, unable to book any extra days off this week.

So the little people are with their Grandma's until Thursday evening. Bags have been packed, Eeyore (little man's special huggle) is off on his travels again.

I know deep down they will be having a riot of fun, that the Grandma's between them will probably do things with them that I wouldn't normally do (ruining them for starters).

They are off to the Town Hall tomorrow, a special reward for visiting several museum events through last year - they've got a reward for being time travellers.

G's mum goes everywhere by bus and always takes them for lunch in the library, exciting when you are only 8 & 5.

M&D are in the country, big garden and 2 minutes from the farm. They go down during the holidays for a peek at the tractors & new baby animals.

I should be enjoying the peace and quiet, but I have to admit, I am missing my Little People. I miss the musings and building creations of an 8 year old's mind, and the constant stream of huggles and chatter from Little Miss. I would even go as far to say, that I am almost missing their scrating (but not quite).

I want them home, with me, because it isn't home without them.

Roll on Friday - (when I'm sure by tea time, I'll be wanting to send them back to Grandma's!)

Love Lydia xx


  1. Know the feeling!! You must take the opportunity to have a bit of 'me' time!! I'm sure that doesn't happen very often. It sounds as though the children will be having a great week!

    Make the most of it!!!

    Sharon xx

  2. oh its such a weird feeling isnt it !!! lovely to have time for yourself and put the house in order but sooo quiet!!! but then 5 mins after they arrive home overtired and overstimulated you were wondering why you missed them lol
    and er, of course i dont buy things just to look at them because they are "pretty things" ... ahem.... honestly ;-)

  3. oh don't! You'll have me crying! On Sunday the husband took Little One to see Ganny. She slept late, so I decided she would not need a daytime nap and they could go earlier. I had a blissful time sorting out her room and Getting On With Things Uninterrupted, but oh my, it was too quiet. I find myself looking at the clock wondering what she's doing, or if she'd had her tea at the right time. I was so glad when they came back home.

    It's nice to have a bit of quiet time, but not too much. I hope Friday comes round quicky for you.
    Sadie x

  4. a little p.s Ganny isn't a typo, that's what Humbug calls her!

    Also, could you send me your email address? littledailynotebook@yahoo.co.uk
    I want to send you an email
    Sadie x

  5. Sorry to hear the little people are away, but hope you get to enjoy some quiet mommy time this week. Abscence make the heart grow fonder. Even the bickering may be a delight by Friday...maybe. Have a great day! Liz

  6. You're not the only one to miss the children. I haven't seen Jess for a couple of days as she's been staying at a friends, she's back now but then off again in the morning. I'm feeling a bit redundant to be honest even though I have Jack I really enjoy her grown up girly company.

    I have a couple of awards for you over at my blog.

    Take care
    Beki xxx

  7. end of the working week for you :-) bet it will be nice to have the small people back tomorrow , Lx