Saturday, 21 February 2009

Pictures & Parks

The Little People came back on Thursday night, rather tired having had four busy days away from home.

Unfortunately Little Miss was overly tired = floods of tears at bedtime. Why was she always being 'sent away' to Grandma's?. By the time she was calm, I was most distraught.

Somehow saying because I had to go to work doesn't seem a good enough explanation to a 5 year old, even though I know deep down that I have no choice not to work at the moment. Cue lots of guilt.

So I resolved not to get stressy about the state of the house (despite the shame of knowing what the window cleaner could see on Thursday when he came round), and to just get on & enjoy my little people.

Friday morning, and I knew they were back from the sounds of the forgotten-all-week DS bleeping away....

And the Apples under attack by 9.30 am....

We had a lazy, treaty breakfast - whilst waiting for my best friend and her children to arrive....

Whilst us mummy's caught up on the gossip, the small people got on with some colouring - intrigued by the stained glass paper patterns. My eldest, as usual, had to have factual knowledge of the Egyptians, so he could colour in correctly....

Whereas Little Miss, is just happy to go with the flow....

Then we all tootled off to Queen's Park which is not far away. Its gone through a huge makeover, to bring it back to its former glory.

We examined the art works on the walkover....

Which were inspired by a statue of a girl in the park, and (if you look closely at the next picture), you can see where the artist incorporated pictures of the local children who helped to produce the works of art.

Through too the cafe & sand pit play area....

For some good old fashioned out door play....

The first sandcastles of the year were built....

And the first outdoor ice creams were eaten....
Mint choc chip for him -

And strawberry for her ....

We had a good wander round the boating lake - no boats today though

And went up to the Victorian band stand - no pictures of this, as it was already being frequented by some 'youths' - & we had to leave quickly following a fit of giggles having heard my Little man, ask them very earnestly 'are you teenagers?'

All around us, the park was a hive of activity - Spring is here, just as the flowers are starting to come out in the warmer weather, and sunshine, so are we....

Love Lydia xx


  1. Looks like a lovely day and you must be so happy to have the children back.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend
    Beki xxx

  2. looks like a lovely day and more than made up for being away from a mummy who is trying her best and has nothing to feel guilty about (guilt is the one emotion carried round constantly by us mums!) almost springlike!!! im glad someone elses child is like my eldest - she is so picky and detailed over things having to be correct and done the right way and would also be researching the colours etc!! hope your having a lovely weekend together :-) Lesley x

  3. Poor little one,and poor you. Must have been totally heartbreaking for you.

    I'm glad they are back home,and your trip to the park looks wonderful.

    Gorgeous day here yesterday too.The gang (husband,girl and cat) went outside, so I took a few photos.

    Have a lovely Sunday

  4. Looks like you had a great day! I love that last picture with the spring shoots, so nice to see :)

    Those colouring in pictures are brilliant, I must look out for those, I know my three year old would love them!

    Mel xxx

  5. Hi Lydia, it looks like you had a great day out, and some special times with your little ones. I laughed when you mentioned your window cleaner. Why do they always turn up when every room is a mess?
    Bertie x

  6. Ah, looks like a fabulous day! That brings back so many good memories of having little people in the house who enjoyed a day in the park. Mine are growing up. sigh. I am guessing you get spring about a month before we do. I am looking forward to seeing some flowers in bloom by late March or early April. Don't feel too guilty about the working, sounds like you are a wonderful mommy! They are lucky little people.