Monday, 2 February 2009


Monday Morning. Early start.

Small people are due at Breakfast Club. We are starting an important new drug treatment at work today, and what do I see when I open the blinds at 6.45?


Followed by a feeling of panic. I hate driving in snow with a passion - this stems from 2 nasty skids some years ago, which suddenly left me with a sense of my own mortality & a now legendary fear of snow driving.

I don't live far away from the hospital I work at, (and considering three of my close neighbours are all nurses), so claiming I was snowed in wasn't about to work either.

The little people were excited though - and couldn't wait to get out.. even if it was for a quick 5 minutes.

Well I was soo brave you really wouldn't believe.

There was the calm logical chat I gave myself - 'this is an ideal car for snow, its small & chunky' -'G has put winter tyres on it, so it WILL grip the road' - 'I've got ABS (whatever that is)

Followed by the intermittent irrational thoughts of 'Dear Lord I KNOW I'm going to hit that expensive sporty car on the corner' - 'Oh i feel sick' - 'why can't the children be quiet?, don't they know I'm going to skid?..'
And there was a lot of praying to him upstairs.

Well I got to work, in one piece, and no skidding or worse. I love my car, I love my tyres, who cares about the sports car on the corner? (he shouldn't park it there -hasn't he heard about my driving?) Feel Sick? Me? Never!! Thank you to him upstairs. Oh dear I wish I hadn't shouted at the children to be quiet & let me concentrate...

Work was lovely, the new treatment regime went well & the car park looked almost picturesque, covered in snow. When the big fluffy snow flakes really started to come down and settle again, we got told that we could leave early - Yippee!

By the time I got home it was dark again, but how peaceful & still our corner looks.....Was it worth getting into such a tizzle I wonder?

On reflection of today one of the lovely memories created in my mind was Little Miss, and her flowery fleecy hat bobbing up & down with excitement as she threw her first snowballs at her big brother (& got him)- after all snow is fun when your 5!

And I have a fine excuse to wear my stripey scarf - after all I wouldn't want to be lost in the snow, if my car skids off the road, would I?

Take care & keep warm!

Love from Lydia xx

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